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Polaroid's i1032 10 megapixel compact

Jeff Wilson

The megapixel race is sort of like the old US / USSR arms race: all parties involved are in a mad rush to see who can out shoot the other. But instead of suffering a thermonuclear holocaust, we're subject to equally painful joyous, super-detailed photos of Uncle Fred's celebretory leap after bowling a perfect game. That said, Polaroid enters the fray with the latest addition to the 10 megapixel club, the i1032. It packs typical digital camera fare: a 3x optical zoom (with 4x digital zoom), a 2.4-inch LCD, 32MB of internal memory, PictBridge support, and a SD slot. The race is on, but you don't have to bankrupt your country to own one: you can pick up this pixel packer at Wal-Mart for under $300.

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