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TabletKiosk recalls eo UMPCs

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ouch -- first the issues with the fans grinding against the chassis on the eo kept TabletKiosk's UMPC out of the hands of consumers until just recently, but now those early adopters who finally have their eo v7110 are being asked to part with theirs in a voluntary recall due to a "battery life that did not perform as advertised." Battery life not as long as advertised in a UMPC? Welcome to the club, TabletKiosk. (We kid, we kid!) At least peeps won't be without their machines more than 72 hours (or so TK claims), and for their trouble they're offering 25% off "any single eo accessory." Well, gee, thanks. But hey, good on TabletKiosk for nipping this in the bud early instead of pretending the problem didn't exist until consumers either shut up or stopped buying.

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