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Indy returns in indie adventure game, Fountain of Youth

Alright adventure gamers: while we're busy waiting for LucasArts-leftovers, Sam & Max, to make their triumphant return to the small screen, check out the demo for the fanmade Indiana Jones adventure, Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth.

Built using Adventure Game Studio, the screenshots look remarkably SCUMM-y; the artwork, animation, sound, and writing, all recall the golden age of LucasArts excellent point-and-click adventure games. What makes us nervous: LucasArts team of highly-trained ninja lawyers who only get paid if they send x amount of cease and desist letters to obsessively loyal fans of their various properties. C'mon, look at their URL! ... brilliant.

(Note: Mac users can download a beta of the AGS game engine here)

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