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Kenko releases multi-colored DVC-306 camcorders


Japanese firm Kenko has just announced its DVC-306 camcorder, available in your choice of red, blue, or silver. Also doubling as a 3 megapixel digital still camera, it has the usual smallish 1.5-inch TFT but lacks a optical zoom, relegating it to the world of the irrepressiblylow end .The video quality doesn't seem so hot either shooting in MPEG-4 640x480 at 20fps, but at least you can record a lot of it -- up to 720 minutes on a 2GB SD card. The camera also has 32MB of built-in memory and MP3 playback capabilities. Price is ¥20,000 (about $170 US), but it looks like this is Japan-only, as far as we can tell, like most everything else today.

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