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Sony's PlayStation Signature line of accessories

Ryan Block, @ryan

Need to drum up some cash? Sell accessories. Already sold a slew of accessories to your core audience? Sell some lux accessories to your so rich we don't know what to do with it audience. Sounds like a plan for SCE, who launched their PlayStation Signature series to fashion conscious "adult" consumers well heeled enough to spend some serious cash at their popup PlayStation design store in Aoyama, but not wealthy enough to, say, buy The Simmons Jewelry Co.'s $35k PSP case. The PlayStation Signature includes: ¥13,000 MDR-EX90SL PSP headphones, a ¥2,200 acrylic PSP stand, ¥8,000 and ¥4,000 crocodile-like PSP and UMD case, ¥30,000 tote bag with PSP pocket, ¥15,000 rayon/poly blend shirt, ¥5,500 coin purse, ¥6,000 card case, ¥11,500 wallet, ¥5,500 t-shirt, ¥6,500 polo shirt, ¥4,800 PSP strap, ¥2,200 champagne flute, ¥2,200 red wine glass, ¥2,100 white wine glass, ¥20,000 notebook, ¥2,600 pen set, and a ¥33,600 Emeliio Pucci-designed crocodile or leather PSP case. Were you to buy all of these, you'd be paying ¥174,700, or $1,551 US to outfit yourself in all things PlayStation. When asked about the cultural ramifications of the Signature line, our Japanese correspondents both laughed at and expressed concern for Sony. We forgot to ask how you say "jump the shark" in Japanese.

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