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Gamespot gets gut-punched for PS3 price promise

"... Pricing for consoles has steadily climbed over the years, and it will certainly climb higher for this generation as well. I will say that I think selling any game console for $450 to $500 is downright suicidal, so it probably won't happen. And when I turn out to be wrong and you're dropping five Ben Franklins on a PS3, feel free to punch me in the stomach. Please. I'll welcome it." -Gamespot's Alex Navarro

While we're normally not ones to revel in the misfortune of others (well, sometimes), we feel compelled to share this video of Gamespot staffer Alex Navarro eating crow. One caveat: there is a serious conflict of interest here. You see, Navarro was punched by Gamespot's own Brian Eckberg (a fact made more clear by his Gamespot emblazoned hoodie). While we'll reserve judgment regarding the veracity of the gut-punch, we'd urge them to enlist a willing third-party (Joystiq staffers?) to deliver the punch, if only to ensure fairness. Another suggestion: trust Uncle Ken next time.

[Thanks, Fuzz]

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