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Home Theater Blog: How to wall mount a LCD or plasma

Matt Burns

There is nothing more pretty in the world then a nicely hung flat-panel TV. Nothing. But sometimes the task of hanging one can seem daunting. Home Theater Blog has a nice step-by-step guide however of installing one. They will take you through the preparations all the way to the finished product. Hanging a flat-panel really is not that hard just take your time and have someone there to make sure things are straight and level - four eyes are better then two.

The one thing we should note, and they did too, that generally it is not a good idea to run the power cord of the TV down the interior of the wall. Have an electrician put an outlet where you need it. While running a power code inside your wall seems fine and dandy, it is against most codes and therefore if you happen to have any type of electrical fire, your insurance company could throw out the entire claim. Be safe.

Has anyone else hung their own flat-panel? How did it go? Oh and you might want to put a pic in our HD Beat Flickr Pool.

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