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Nintendo Amusement Park open for beta


Last week, the developers of the Nintendo Amusement Park held test trials in New York City for their real life obstacle course, which is inspired by Super Mario Bros. The current prototype utilizes a simple bungee cord, which when attached to a 'player,' allows for an exaggerated, albeit somewhat uncontrolled, jumping ability. Smoosh blow-up goombas, grab coins (i.e. pop yellow balloons), punch power-up boxes, and munch on magic mushrooms; all in what's being called: 'Physically Augmented Reality.'

The Nintendo Amusement Park team hopes to have a polished version on display at E3 2007 and is actively seeking collaborators, sponsors, and investors, as well as partnerships with Nintendo and Disney. Good luck with that.

[Thanks, Tom; via Wired News]

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