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Where do you get cheap Blu-ray discs now? Costco

Matt Burns

Read that title again. Costco is getting into the high-def media with two Blu-ray titles that are available now! A Knight's Tale and House of Flying Daggers are up on their website and available for purchase. The release info indicates that it comes out on June 20th, but the site lets you add it to your cart and purchase the disc with no mention of any type of delay. Best of all too, they are cheap. The Blu-ray discs have a list price of $28.95 but Costco has it for the same price as Amazon at $19.99; but Costco seems to be shipping theirs. Not that there is really anything to play the disc in yet...

NOTE: We did go ahead and purchase A Knight's Tale to see what will happen. The order is 'In Process' right know but we will update the post when ever it changes.


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