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    Lenovo's compact V100 reviewed


    Yeah, we're officially removing any "ultracompact" or "ultraportable" marketing speak that might have slipped in to describe the V100 from Lenovo, but there's plenty else to love about this slightly bulky compact notebook. First off, at 1.25-inches thick and weighing 4.4 pounds, the laptop is no X60 (which doesn't contain the DVD burner of the V100), but it does look positively skinny beside Dell's new M1210. The V100 features a nice glossy 12.1-inch WXGA screen, and a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera that captured his smarmy mug much better than those featured on the M1210 and MacBook. Lenovo also doesn't seem to have as much trouble keeping the Core Duo cool as Apple is; the V100 ran plenty cool even though it doesn't have the low-voltage version of the chip run by its X60 brother. The plastic case build is a bit drab and not near as sturdy as a ThinkPad, but it should hold up fine. However, the 3 to 4 hour battery life seems barely acceptable. There's an ExpressCard 54 slot, so you might want to hold off until an EV-DO solution comes along. The integrated graphics really limit the gaming options, but the V100 really does provide a lot of functionality for the price, especially if you're not up for lugging an external drive around and want some of that Core Duo power.

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