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Storm your shops! DS Lite street date broken [update 2]

Several CAGs have reported finding DS Lites -- which aren't scheduled to be on store shelves in North America for another eleven days -- at local big-boxes Target and Wal-Mart. Cheap Ass moderator Trakan said his local Target had a "shitload" in stock and they weren't equivocal about selling 'em, street date be damned!

Anyone in the Joystiq nation manage to grab a DS Lite early? Any retail employees want to let us know if your store's already got these out? Feel free to post your successes (or failures) in the comments as a service to other readers ... especially if you're near me in the Philadelphia area.

(Update 1: All right kids, Joystiq reader Jake had the common sense to use this thing called "the internet" to come up with a better solution than us just posting our successes willy-nilly. The solution: Frappr. He's gotten us started; the Brier Creek Target in Raleigh, NC was a negatory as of 11am this morn'.)

(Update 2: Updated the image to sate those who won't believe it if they can't see it. Image from elliothtz's Flickr site. Redirected image and "Read" link to Frappr page to help aggregate this data.)

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