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Zelda composer conducts his work on the Wii

Ross Miller

At the spry age of 20, classically-trained Koji Kondo joined Nintendo and, using 3 monophonic "instruments" and a "drum track" noise channel, composed some of the most memorable and everlasting theme music in gaming history, including all the Mario and Zelda titles (not to mention the seminal Super Smash Bros. Melee score, alongside a few others). So it is a little more than amusing to watch Kondo conduct his own work on the Wii Music Orchestrator at this year's E3.
happen to videotape Kondo's performance and has posted it on YouTube (we have also embedded the video here, after the break). According to the site, Kondo scored 92 out of 100, which is both a testament to the Wiimote's accuracy and Kondo's ability to conduct lifeless polygons like they were lifeless real musicians.

Here is the video:

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