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Enable two-finger right-click on 15" MacBook Pros

David Chartier

Rejoice, fellow 15" MacBook Pro owners, for the enterprising hackers over in the OSx86 Project forum have put together an installer package that enables the fancy two-finger right-click for 15" MacBook Pros. This is a standard feature of the MacBook and 17" MacBook Pro, but the early-adopting 15" MacBook Pro owners were left out in the cold with this most essential and highly-requested of features.

The installer is linked in a forum thread here. An uninstaller is included, and you might want to peruse the rest of the thread for experiences and tips in case you run into issues. After all, this is a hack, so remember to cross your t's, dot your i's and post in their thread if you run into any speedbumps.

[via macosxhints]

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