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Going to PAX? Try carpooling with strangers

Alright, two groups are organizing carpooling convoys to transport PAX attendees from their places of origin to Seattle, WA. Let's put our math caps on. I'll use myself as a test case:

From Philadelphia to Seattle is about 2,848 miles. Averaging 25 mpg highway, I'd use approximately 114 gallons of gas o' line. With the national average for gasoline at $2.87 right now, gas for the trip would hit $327 ... one way! Split between, let's say, 3 other people, we're talking $163 per person for gas round trip. If you're super cheap and eat horribly, throw another $50 on for edibles for the two day trip.*

Sure, the math doesn't work out great, but it's not about the money, it's about the experience. Imagine it: 48 hours of non-stop portable gaming with fellow nerds on a pilgrimage to nerd mecca. That's what it's all about ... that said, we're not sure we'll be going by automobile, but Joystiq will be on hand to congratulate any SuperTrippers upon their arrival.

*Same thing applies for the west coast SuperTrip, except they're not nearly as hardcore and all relevant figures should be adjusted to reflect that.

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(Update: stupid spelling error corrected; punishment administered.)

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