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Jack PC strikes back


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It's been a while since we've seen the Jack PC's smarmy mug around these parts, but it looks like that concept render we saw last year is finally coming to fruition. The wall-socket residing unit lost its DVI port, opting for a plain old VGA connection instead, but still runs Windows CE and a 500MHz AMD RISC processor. With 64MB of flash memory and 128MB RAM, the little unit is quite dependant on a server, and has Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP clients built in, along with Internet Explorer 6.0 for running around the interwebs. The biggest news here -- beyond the size, of course -- is that the unit can actually run off of power-over-Ethernet, just to make your fellow IT buddies jealous. At $392 you could really get a whole PC for this price, but if the low power or minimal footprint appeals to you, you'll be able to pick one up mid-June.

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