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Lawrence wants to ban phones completely from roads


We're not usually the crazy protester types who'd brave the cold and firehoses for something silly like woman's suffrage, (Just kidding! We love you ladies!) but we're all ready to get out tempera paint and signage for what seems like a pretty steep rights issue in Lawrence, Kansas. Seems they're trying to best all those current cellphone laws on the books -- most of which require a handsfree device to use your phone in the car -- and want to ban phones use while driving altogether. "If you pass a ban that just prohibits the hand-held devices, you're sending a message that the hands-free devices are safe, and that is false," said Paul Atchley of Kansas University, an proponent of the bill. Seems a little bit of shaky reasoning to us, but we're no professor. T-Mobile has spoken out against the ban, stating: "We think there are distractions just as great. I suppose if you also want to ban McDonald's coffee and kids in the back seat, then we wouldn't oppose it." We say amen to that, and just dare the Mayor of Lawrence to take our phone away from our cold dead fingers -- after we roll our SUV during a particularly heated conversation, of course.

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