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Wii takes "Best of Show" from E3 awards

An elite band of ninja game critics were chosen for their uncanny (and often deadly) speculative accuracy to determine the winners of the Game Critic Award's Best of E3 2006. Their choice for top honors, "Best of Show"? Nintendo's newest console: the Wii. Other big winners included Spore, nabbing three awards, and Gears of War with two.

While the desire to see a victor emerge from the rubble-strewn LA Convention Center is great, the distinction hasn't always been accurate. Take for example, 2001's E3 champion: the Gamecube. 2002's best of show: Doom III. We could keep going, but you get the point.

Regardless, Gamespot's Greg Kasavin wrote of the Wii, "It's a good thing Nintendo got the name change of its next console out of the way before E3. With the shock of that announcement mostly over, the company proceeded to become the talk of the show ... by inviting audiences to get their hands on an impressive lineup of fun and interesting software for the Wii...not to mention that wild controller." Insert insightful sprint versus marathon metaphor here and reflect.

Check out some fun stats on the all the winners.

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