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Plasma TV shipments soar by 87% in Q1

Matt Burns

Oh plasmas. How people love to buy 'em. So much that the global shipments of the flat-panels increased some 87% in the first quarter of this year. That resulted in 1.7 million-more-sold this year then last. With more fancy TVs sold also comes a huge increase in revenue; how about a 41% increase in revenue bring in the total around $4 billion. The States had 32% of the global market share with 50-inches being the most popular size. These big boys made up 64% of all plasmas sold during this quarter. And to round off this volley of numbers flying at you, Panasonic was the most popular plasma with 21.6% of all units shipped. LG ended up in second with 17.8 and Samsung with 14.0%.

So many of you indicated that you did indeed purchase a HDTV recently. Did you follow these stats by considering a LG but instead went with a 50-inch Panasonic?

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