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Brian Walker to fly rocket-propelled craft launched with world's largest crossbow


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Most people have some sort of fantasy about flying, but not everyone is as dumb about it as Brian Walker. Calling it Project RUSH (Rapid Up Super High), the man has built for himself the world's largest crossbow to launch a tiny rocket-propelled craft carrying his fragile body 20 miles into the air. He plans to pull 10 gs as the carbon-fiber bowstring releases and sends his little spaceship-like vehicle soaring into the air while firing a jet turbine with 1350 pounds of thrust. He will be wearing a Russian space suit to help keep his innards in, and has hydrogen peroxide rockets to help slow his descent, but we can't think his mother is very happy about this all the same. Right now Brian is waiting on FAA approval, and is planning to test the launcher with a giant fiberglass arrow before he launches himself this fall.

[Via MAKE]

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