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First video of working OLPC prototype


We've come a long way from back when the OLPC project was just a glimmer in Negroponte's eye, but after peeping this video of the prototype in action, we're not surprised that the crew wants some more time with the unit. The problem is, hardly anything is "final" in this current form, including the design, the motherboard, the battery, the OS and of course the screen. All of this translates to a sluggish PC running an unfinished OS -- a far cry from Negroponte's "bat out of hell" claims. We also haven't seen laptop's trackpad in action, or any untethered use, so both the interface (not that there's any software to interface with right now) and the battery life are fairly unproven. Ah well, we're glad we get a peek just the same, and look forward to 2007 when this thing starts getting some polish.

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