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E-TEN ups M600 specs, rechristens it the M600+

Chris Ziegler

Hot on the heels of their M600 (and the M500 before it), Taiwanese manufacturer E-TEN has announced its M600+, essentially an M600 with the addition of Bluetooth 2.0, 256MB of flash (up from 130MB), and an extra 0.7 megapixels in the shooter (2.0, up from 1.3). They're throwing in MSFP as well, which likely means all of AKU2 will be coming along for the ride (A2DP included, hopefully; the inclusion of Bluetooth 2.0 is a good sign). Not a shabby upgrade considering the quick turnaround time, but in the unlikely event you have an M600 in the US, you might want to keep your wallet stowed since AKU2 should be just around the bend for ya.

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