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GamerScore king talks blood, sweat, and Zoids

Ken Weeks

RANCE6, aka Alessandro from Italy, tells Xboxic how he managed his globe-leading GamerScore of 39,430 points. Owning a video game store with access to Japanese titles, and having the time/energy/will to game 12 plus hours a day seems to be key:

Nino: How much do you play to get so many achievements?
Alessandro: About 12 – 16 hours per day. But I have to calm down in the following weeks, I'll slow down to about 5 – 10 hours per day. I'm waiting for Japanese games to come out.
Nino: Wow, 5 – 10 hours per day is still sick, do you play at work?
Alessandro: Yeah in the morning particularly. I can play 4 hours in the morning, 5 in the evening and about 3 – 5 during the night.

Color me impressed -- with his girlfriend, if he still has one. RANCE6 marks 50 hours spent on a single achievement in Zoids as his greatest feat. He also says he gets 30 - 40 friend requests per day, mostly asking how he gets the NTSC-J stuff. Nobody ever said XBL celebrity came without the pressures of fame.

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