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Samsung SCH-W569 GSM / CDMA phone shows up on FCC

Chris Ziegler

Dual-mode GSM / CDMA phones from Samsung for Asian release are nothing new, but every time we see FCC test docs pop up for a such a model, we can't help but start to daydream about a possible US release. Today's object of desire is the Samsung SCH-W569, teasing us with a shot of her backside. We know very little about this phone, except what we've gleaned from a no-name Chinese e-shop -- it probably sports a 2.1-inch 240 x 320 display, weighs 92g, and should be dropping over in those parts this month. It'd be nifty if we were looking at dual SIM slots here, but since the phone is dual-mode, we're more likely seeing one SIM and one RUIM. [Warning: PDF link]

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