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Wii Opera browser: Built-in, easy to use


A recent Cubed3 interview with Scott Hedrick, executive vice president of Opera for Devices, confirms that the Wii's web browser will come loaded on the system, though he thankfully never resorts to that Dreamcast-era phrase, "internet right out of the box." Unlike the DS version of the browser, there will be no need to purchase an additional cartridge in order to enjoy the many wonderful sights sites the internet has to offer.

More interestingly, when questioned about the browser's ease of use, Mr Hedrick notes that surfing the web while at the helm of the Wii should be "as easy if not easier than using Opera on a desktop. For Opera desktop users, surfing on the Wii will be a very familiar experience. Opera will be integrating its unique rendering technologies to compensate for the lower resolution of TVs and the added distance of the user from the TV screen."

There's also a question about the confirmed DS-Wii functionality, though Hedrick wouldn't comment specifically on whether the portable and console versions of the Opera browser would interact at all. With vaguely similar interfaces, it doesn't seem entirely unlikely, but then surely you'd prefer looking at your favorite websites with a Wii in your hand? L0LZ0RZ!

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[Via Moz La Punk, Thanks Nushio!]

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