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2K Games kicks its habit, drops Snow [update 1]

Ross Miller

While not surprising (we haven't heard anything about the game since E3 2005), Take Two subsidiary 2K Games officially announced today that it has cancelled Snow, a drug-dealing strategy. In the game, you start out as some small-time pot dealers to a narcotics empire capable of taking out the competition (usually involving violence). Snow used cel-shading to give it the feel of a graphic novel.

The content of the game, from glorified drug peddling to gang wars, was ripe with controversy; Take Two has enough controversy (Hot Coffee, Oblivion, and Bully) to deal with right now. Bully, in fact, has not been mentioned by Rockstar since December of 2005, yet has become a staple example of the "horrible games industry" by certain anti-game activists.

You can check out some screenshots and impressions of Snow over at GameSpot.

[Thanks, Joe and JC]

[update 1: it was cancelled only once -- typo fixed]

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