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Firewall HD DVD/DVD combo review


With the news that 16 Blocks is being released next week on the hybrid HD DVD/DVD format, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at how its two predecessors have fared. Mark Zimmer over at digitallyOBSESSED published a review of Firewall today, and came away impressed. He had no notable complaints about the audio or video transfer for either version, giving them an A and A- grade, respectively. That's a welcome result for the HD DVD camp considering the same reviewer criticized Rumor Has It for problems with the video and sound and lack of extras. Still, even on Firewall the bonus features are only contained on the SD side of the disc, requiring a flip to view them on your HD DVD player.

Any HD DVD owners or future HD DVD owners taken advantage of these discs yet? Alternatively, do you view combo discs as a problem since early adopters have to pay extra (so far about $3 over other new titles) for an SD DVD copy they probably won't ever view?

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