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MIT prof. Henry Jenkins talks gaming, look at him go

GameSetWatch launches their new interview column with a bang, featuring a lengthy chat with Henry Jenkins, Director of the Comparative Media Studies program and Full Professor of Literature at MIT ... oh yeah, and an influential advocate of gaming.

They cover divergent topics from his background in video games, to alternative reality games (ARGs), casual games, and that old staple, games as art, of which he says, "It doesn't matter whether there are games in the Museum of Modern Art. It does matter whether the best game designers are given enough room to push the limits of games as a medium ..."

You'd all be wise to read the (admittedly long but proportionally edifying) interview and get a crash course in where gaming stands in the bespectacled eyes of one of gaming's greatest and most visible proponents ... all for a lot less than a degree from MIT.

[Via Kotaku]

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