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Nokia's N91 reviewed


After all the hubbub and countless delays surrounding the launch of Nokia's N91 musicphone with 4GB disk, we know what you're thinking... was it worth the hype? Well, Laptop Mag just posted a lukewarm review of the $599 stainless steel handset which measures in with the bulk of two stacked RAZRs and heft of more than 3 iPod nanos in order to pack in that disk, 2 megapixel cam, FM radio, WiFi, and EDGE data. If you can honestly say that size doesn't matter, then you'll still have to get past the "abysmal" boot time and lack of stereo Bluetooth support -- rare at the time this was announced last year, but standard fare for phones pushing media capabilities today, especially at this price. Still, the phone features "practically every bell and whistle you can think of," a full suite of connectivity options, and a not too shabby 4 hours of talk or 10 hours music playback off battery. In the end, the N91 only manages a 3/5 rating. Ouch.

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