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Panasonic's Let's Note T4 goes Tablet

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're all  pretty well familiar with Panasonic's infamous Let's Note laptop lineup (known affectionately in the States as the Toughbook series), and their adorable little T4 is among the smallest and lightest. Well, looks like they wanted to teach an old dog a new trick for their ten year anniversary (or so says Akihabara News), by feeding the T4 some growth formula and demanding it sprout Tablet PC features -- which it did. Say hello to the Tablet T4, with XP Tablet and a touch panel (with digitizer, we presume). Sorry, no converting here to a proper tablet form factor (yet), but now that Panny's dipped their toes in the water, we wouldn't be surprised if they come back with something along those lines in the future.

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