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Philips announces 50GB PC Blu-ray burner


Pioneer beat 'em to the punch, and has subsequently managed to be rebadged by most everyone else, but now Philips is on the scene at Computex with a PC Blu-ray burner that boasts support for 50GB discs -- once they're available. The drive still doesn't have anything as silly as a model number (though we're thinking it's the SPD7000 that they've been talking about for a while), but it does include CD burning support along with the DVD and Blu-ray burning, which is something Pioneer omitted from their BRD-101A. Philips can burn a 25GB disc in around 70 minutes at its 2x speed, and will support the 50GB discs when they're released near Christmas. It can also handle BD-RE re-writable media, which should be out in September. The drive will come with Nero 7, solving the noted lack of Blu-ray burning software reviewers have been noting for the Pioneer offering. Philips should be dropping the drive in August for around 849 Euros ($1,090 USD).

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