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Behind the scenes of the Halo 3 trailer in 720p


As if you didn't have enough high definition E3 videos clogging up your hard drive, here's one more. Bungie is showing off the making of the Halo 3 trailer that closed Microsoft's pre-E3 conference. Beyond viewing the the developers of the game in high-def, you can also get a look at the music of the trailer and various pre-production shots, unused angles from the real-time cinematic and some hints about where they are going with what what is apparently the end of the Halo trilogy. According to Bungie you will also be able to download the high def version of this video to your Xbox 360 via the marketplace in a week or two. We like HD, we don't like waiting, head over and get the video in 720p in WMV or QuickTime format right now.

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