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Developers discredit "slow and broken" PS3 claim [update 1]

Ross Miller

On Monday, a rumor broke out on the Inquirer regarding some faults with the PS3 hardware. All signs pointed to this rumor being unfounded -- the source, the site's credibility, the spelling and punctuation -- and we told you to take it with a grain of salt. Looks like more than a few developers are agreeing.
Speaking to (a reputable news site with a proper spell-checker), many top developers called Inquirer's piece a bunch of misrepresentation of immeasurable data figures. "It's exactly what we'd expect," noted one developer, "and the bits that we actually need to use to make games are perfectly fast."

Until the day of launch (and likely for many months afterwards) we will continue to hear rumors and hearsay spring up about Sony's console -- much like we have, much like we will with other consoles -- and we would advise to trust maybe 1% of the rumors that spring up.

[update 1: Thanks, SickNic!]

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