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Devil in the details for 360 modchip

Ken Weeks

Devil360 may have generated enough hits to crash their site after bragging about a working 360 modchip (Supposedly unrelated to the known DVD firmware exploit), but they haven't generated much faith in the modder community. Most eager chipsters are taking a "show it or shut up" approach to the Devil's  claims of hacking glory:

The Devil360 will be a modchip for the Xbox 360 console, the 'small' security hole has been found! This device is in no way related to the DVD firmware exploits - it's a totally different approach. However we did not manage to get the product ready for today (6/6/6), because we are working hard on improving it to:

* Try to protect it from any type of update
* Make it programmable via PC
* Boot unsigned code
* Allow to swap HD with larger drive with a special interface between the 360 and the HD (all types IDE/SATA).

After the ICE modchip fraud, nobody is going to believe this blather without concrete proof. The cutesy Devil-6/6/6 correlation doesn't help. Still, the prospect of unsigned code (Read XBMC360) is enough to make your inner geek self-delude for a moment, no matter how low your tolerance is for shady mod squads.

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