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Sharp's PN-655U 65-inch LCD now available


Weren't you just telling your boss yesterday that what you really need to increase productivity is a 1080p 65-inch LCD HDTV? We're sure you were because Sharp announced today that the PN-655U we've been drooling over is now available in the US. Of course, they didn't mention a price but judging from the nearly-$9,000 price tag of its existing 45-inch cousin, we suggest ratting out a coworker or two to make room in the budget. Isn't it worth it? They are also showing off the consumer edition LC-65D90U that is already available for between $15 and $20k, and their new 57-inch LC-57D90U, but you've probably got better odds of convincing your boss it's a good purchase than your wife.

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