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Breakfast Topic: Summer Vacation in Azeroth

Mike D'Anna

Well, summer is upon us again here in the northern hemisphere, and that can mean only one thing: that the youth of the world will once again invade Azeroth en masse, bringing with them enough l33t-speak to drown out every  other sound in the Barrens for the next 3 months, and draining their parent's bank accounts while eschewing the normal teenage substance indulgences for a diet of Mountain Dew & Skittles. Ah, to be young again...

How has your summer in WoW been going so far? Have you noticed an influx of youngsters calling you a 'noob'? For you students, do you plan to spend more time in the real world this summer, or grinding for rank in the Battlegrounds? Parents, would you rather your kids be playing video games rather than out getting into mischief? Because, god forbid they should pick up a baseball bat & glove & actually do something. Anyway, let us know how you feel...

Thanks to reader Bryan for the summery comments.

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