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Swiped Sidekick's new owner pays the price

Ryan Block, @ryan

Now where have we heard this story before? Person gets cellphone that doesn't belong to them, starts snapping pics of themselves all around town without knowing that said photos are being uploaded to the internet, and is then surreptitiously monitored and eventually made a spectacle of by the phone's previous owner? Well, guess what, little girl -- that Sidekick II you so want so desperately just landed your face on Engadget Mobile. Sweet, sweet justice -- as if she reads this site anyway. Well, maybe she does, because her and her family are now severely busted as this story climbs all up and over the internets.

P.S. You really should head over to the stolen Sidekick site. The former owner's been corresponding with this girl's brother, and the results are, well, priceless.

P.P.S. -Anyone else wondering if she feels like she's having a Paris Hilton moment?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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