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Got some money you feel like letting a giant corporation -- one with a lackluster record when it comes to gaming -- have in exchange for ... well, their word? Big box behemoth Best Buy's online counterpart would be just thrilled to take your $49.99 per game in exchange for them holding a copy of the mass produced merch when it's released.

One can make the case for pre-ordering and reserving consoles -- despite how badly gaming retailers FUBARed their 360 allocations last year -- but software? C'mon! With the exception of Red Steel, those aren't even launch titles! Nintendo's even said Brawl won't be out until "after the turn of the year." Sure, looks a little sleazy, but if folks are willing to part with their loot for little more than the promise of something that hasn't been dated or priced, who can blame them? Get rich quick scheme #42: open online gaming shop, take pre-orders for Metal Gear Solid 5, retire!

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