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Casio's latest portable projector, the XJ-S35

Ryan Block, @ryan

Until now you might have thought the Cassiopeia name was relegated merely to Casio's lineup of handheld devices, but their Cassiopeia Pro brand actually extends into portable digital projectors; their latest is new XJ-S35/30, an XGA DLP projector with a 2,000 lumen picture and an 1,800:1 contrast ratio. It's also got a USB 1.1 port for playing back images or MPEG-4 and motion JPEG video, or for connecting an 802.11b adapter as well. And the best part is this scant little device is only 270 x 199 x 43mm (10.6 x 7.83 x 1.70inches) and 1.8kg (about 4 pounds), quite small enough to lug around with you from one meeting with the salarymen to the next. Yes, we said salarymen -- this thing's a Japan release, sorry?

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