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F1's $500 carbon fiber mousepad for the rich and insecure

Stan Horaczek

We thought $50 was a lot to spend on Kokuz's mousepad made of 200-year old elm wood, but apparently we hadn't seen anything yet. F1 racing is hocking a mousing surface made of polished carbon fiber, leather and Italian suede for a whopping $489.34 ($470.52 if you don't need the leather surface), boasting that it was made by "specialist composite technicians." Sure, it will probably look great sitting next to your new Acer Ferrari 1000/5000 and Pininfarina-designed external HDD, but we can't help but think how much more impressed we'd be with someone who took a little initiative and built their own air-cooled mousepad or, better yet, embraced the unique pointing technology of the Novint Falcon.

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