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FiWIN's FX28S and SS28S, where Skype and SIP coexist

Ryan Block, @ryan

You wouldn't believe it, but somehow FiWin (which is owned by FIC) got Skype and SIP to sit down at the table together and play some Mahjong. It's not really technically all that difficult, but until now we hadn't really seen a Skype / SIP dual-mode VoIP capable handset, so we welcome you, oh pathfinding FX28S and SS28S WiFi phones; otherwise they're just another couple of 802.11b phone devices with a 3.5 hour call life, a USB 1.1 connector, and a weak 1.2-inch 65k color 128 x 95 CSTN display in the the FX28S, and a 1.4-inch monochrome 96 x 65 display in the SS28S.

[Thanks, Sam]

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