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Haier selects Philips ULC phone design for China


Chinese handset manufacturer Haier recently announced that they've selected Philips' Ultra Low Cost (ULC) reference phone design based on the Nexperia 5128 chipset in their bid to get cellphones into the hands of as many of China's 1.5 billion potential customers as possible. The handset itself, the the HG-Z1000, promises 280 hours of standby time and a relatively weak 3 hours talk time. Given its ultra low cost nature, you shouldn't be suprised to learn that it's otherwise pretty short of features, although it does have a vibrating alert, SMS capability, and 16 soft midi ringtones. Haier also seems really intent on the phone's "ultra low cost,"  although they don't say how low that cost will actually be, nor do they give a firm launch date.

[Via Slashphone]

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