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Kensington's MicroSaver products lockdown your laptop

Stan Horaczek

In the past, Kensington's security solutions have been far from infallible, but they're hoping their new line of locks will raise the bar when it comes to thwarting would-be laptop snatchers. The MicroSaver uses a carbon-tempered steel cable and traditional locking mechanism, while the MicroSaver DS adds a "nearly impenetrable multi-disc locking mechanism" to make sure only the person with the key can get your device off your desk. If you don't want another key battling your gadgets for pocket space you can opt for the combination lock, which simply requires a 4-digit code to open. Prices range from $40 (for the combo version) to $70 (for the Twin model that'll secure two machines at once), which seems like a reasonable price to pay for the privilege of knowing your brand new Superman-themed desktop replacement will be safe and sound while you're gone.

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