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Sony to begin Blu-ray marketing blitz

Matt Burns

HD DVD has a head start but we are only a few days away from Blu-ray's launch. But unlike Toshiba's HD DVD launch, Sony is going to stand up and shout to the world about Blu-ray. Toshiba didn't really do anything and in fact, none of us around the lab here has ever seen a HD DVD commercial. Have you? Sony is a marketing giant though and you know that when they want to sell something, they flood every media outlet with advertisements and events. Sony is already name dropping Blu-ray at the of DVD release titles like Underworld: Evolution, but there hasn't been any commercials for the Blu-ray hardware yet.

Sony kicked this marketing campaign off last week with their Blu-ray laptop demo. You might remember the whole "not a Blu-ray DVD" fiasco. Sony has also put Blu-ray demos in their top 10 retail stores. Except to see a lot more coming in the next few weeks.

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