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Warning! DS Lite press boxes booby trapped!

A cautionary warning to any members of the esteemed gaming press who have not yet opened that package from Nintendo that's sitting on the counter ... beckoning you. If you're faint of heart, allergic to trumpets, or if white LEDs give you an embarrassing rash, please do not open the package! Instead, take it immediately to the closest postal facility and mail it to us immediately so we can, ahem ... properly dispose of it.

Luckily for him, Joe Hutsko -- TV Guide's gadget guy -- suffers from none of the aforementioned afflictions. No matter, his carefully booby trapped box was busted! After some MacGyver work using nothing but, uh, his fingers and a faulty wire, he got the thing breathing just long enough to capture the beast on film. The video shows the carefully orchestrated package detonating trumpeting its opening with great fanfare! Yay!

[Thanks, Joe]

(Update: embedded video of "the opening" from Penny Arcade, after the break. Completists can check out a similar video at IGN. Thanks, Eric)

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