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IGN Dreamcast: Week 1

Ross Miller

Do not be alarmed; the above image came directly from IGN Dreamcast, showing how they might use sex to sell the website*. The website is now up and running at  full speed, having made 3 Top Ten lists (that's over 30 selections!), Dreamcast pr0n, retro Dreamcast 2 rumors (gotta love those), and a new game reviewed: Radilgy. They have even updated the master list of game rankings with 4 new entries.
At this rate, the Dreamcast site will be updated for at least another 50-60 weeks, allowing editors to easily keep their jobs keep providing new content until well past E3 2007. We love seeing our beloved console revisited, and we love how tongue-in-cheek the site can be. We'll check back next week to give you an update on IGN's latest retro-loving project.
* If you find Cartman's plumber's crack sexy, please seek medical attention. Immediately.

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