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First Serial ATA ExpressCard adapter ships

David Chartier

Ben Drawbaugh from HD Beat dropped us a line on the first Serial ATA ExpressCard adapter shipping from FirmTek. If you've been lamenting the 15" MacBook Pro's lack of a FireWire 800 port and/or haven't heard of these external Serial ATA adapters, check this out: these ExpressCard adapter bus speeds make FW800 look like a Parallel port. The Serial ATA standard in these adapters can reach transfer speeds of 1.5 Gbps (SATA-I) and 3.0 Gbps (SATA-II). Perfect for video and audio editing professionals, and reasonably priced: this adapter has a street price of around $119.95, which isn't much more than the FW800 ExpressCard adapters I've seen going for around $100. The price of the drive enclosure, however, is the only part of this setup that might sting a little: a bundle of the card and a drive enclosure is $309.95. Still a small price to pay for making mince meat out of FireWire 800.

[via MacMegasite]

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