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ViewSonic's PJ658 $1000 projector

Ryan Block, @ryan

ViewSonic's PJ658 isn't going to do exactly the same thing as Sanyo's PLC-XP57L, but it is indeed an XGA projector, and while it doesn't only have about half the brightness and contrast ratio (2500 lumen / 500:1), you can pick one up for about ten times less cash ($999). The PJ658 has a trick up its sleeve, though: ViewSonic's new $250 WPG-100 wireless add-on enables remote projection over 802.11b/g to the PJ658 (or any other DVI or VGA-equipped display, for that matter). Just something to think about if you're in the market; but believe us, if you do happen to be shopping around for a new digital projector, with each passing day you're getting additional choices be they pro, prosumer, or consumer.

[Via PC World]

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