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Family-oriented Disney Mobile goes live

Chris Ziegler

Parents, rejoice: Disney wants you to know that your MVNO has arrived. Disney Mobile, Disney's second MVNO after launching Mobile ESPN earlier this year, pulls no punches about its target demographic -- family plans are the carrier's emphasis, although individual plans are also available. Family plan pricing on two lines ranges from $59.99 for 450 minutes to $249.99 for 4500 teenager-pleasing minutes; individual plans start at $39.99 for 400 minutes. All plans include "Family Monitor" for setting minute limits, "Call Control" to set schedules during which the phone cannot be used, and "Family Locator," a GPS-enabled service presumably similar to Verizon's freshly-launched "Chaperone." A potential roadblock to Disney Mobile's success in the rough-and-tumble MVNO game? Phone-savvy kiddies might whine about the phone selection -- a forgettable Pantech DM-P100 is the only model currently available, but fear not, boys and girls, a slightly higher-end LG DM-L200 is promised shortly.

[Via RCR News]

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