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Mitel releases 5330 and 5340 IP phones for the suits


If you've been looking for a nice, IP-based boringphone for your desk job, Mitel is releasing their new 5330 and 5340 VoIP phones that might be worth a look. The 5330 ($395) and 5340 ($495) both support Mitel's new Gigabit Ethernet and Wireless LAN stands for hooking into your network, and sport E-911, Mitel's MiNet protocol and SIP. Slightly more interesting is the 160 x 320 display (backlit on the pictured 5340) for softkey use, and the ability to use Dreamweaver or FrontPage to create your own interfaces and apps for use on the phone. We're thinking a text-based RPG should be doable, er, we mean, call-routing shortcuts to boost your productivity 15 percent!

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