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MoBits preps X15 5.6 and 7-inch UMPCs


While they're nothing special -- or all that original -- in the looks department, Mobits' new X15 UMPCs are looking pretty juicy in the specs. Based on the snazzy new VIA CX700 chipset, which enables hardware TV encoding and WMV9 decoding, the X15s run on a VIA C7M 1GHz processor, and include 512MB or 1GB of DDR2 RAM. The real interesting thing is the displays, which according to the spec sheet run at 800 x 480 for the 7-inch model, and at 1024 x 600 for the 5.6-inch version. Could be a typo, but we're afraid some squinting might be in order. There's of course the standard fare of 802.11a/b/g and 30 or 60GB HDD, along with stereo speakers and a fingerprint sensor. Also included standard is a LAN port, TV-out and an SD card slot. The mouse pointer is the same as that on the TabletKiosk eo UMPCs, and there are options for a built-in camera, GPS, DVB-T and DVB-H. With the odd screen sizes we're not even sure which is which in the pictures, but we'll be sure to be dropping more deets as these get closer to launch.

[Via Carrypad UMPC journal]

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